About me

Hello there! I'm Mustafa Eftekin, a second-year software engineering student based in Istanbul. With a deep passion for technology, I'm eagerly honing my skills in the field of data science. Currently, I'm actively working on the Data Science Career Path with Codecademy to enhance my expertise in this domain, and I document my data science adventures on my GitHub account.

My fascination with computers and how they operate goes back as far as I can remember, which led me to pursue a degree in software engineering.

In a broader sense, I'm thrilled about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead in the realm of data science. I'm committed to learning as much as I can and applying my knowledge and skills in ways that can create a positive impact on the world around me.

What i'm working on

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    Data Science

    Currently working on Data Science Foundations with Codecademy.

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    Mobile Development

    Beginner-level development using React Native.